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Our skin is unique to each of us. If you are un-sure of which facial fits your skin concerns book a 60-minute appointment to decide the perfect facial treatment for you. Factoring in your skin conditions and concerns we can suggest the most fitting facial. We treat all skin types and have cured acne/pimple skin, brightened dull complexions, strengthened skin barriers, slowed the skin aging process, reduced pore size, removed freckles/ pigmentation, skin tags, and reduced broken capillaries. We include facial, neck and shoulder massage to make your Elixir treatment ultimate. 

Welcome Skin Consultation $22

Meet with our skin therapists to gain more knowledge of how we can treat your skin. The cost can be redeemed towards a treatment or product. 

SQT Bio Microneedling $280

SQT is our favourite treatment to radically reduce unwanted pigmentation/melasma, reduce pore size and scaring, plump the skin and improve the texture of uneven skin. Even acne and acne scaring can be treated with great results to be followed. After care is required and usually mild peeling. If you're looking to drastically improve your skins appearance start here! SQT Bio Microneedling uses silica needed developed in fresh water. These are called spongilla spicules which we gently push into the skin. Clients have managed the treatment so well. We typically treat the face and neck. We also see great results on the tops of the hands.

Skin Needling

We offer an electronic skin needling system which makes the treatment pain-free. Skin needling is an advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce wrinkles, smoker’s lines, large pores, heal acne scars and surgical scars, stretch marks and pigmentation as well as rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

  • Face and Neck$150 – $250
  • Nose and Cheeks only$100
  • Chest/ Decolletage$150
  • Stretch Marks$150 per area

Photo Rejuvenation

Erase brown patches/freckles/pigmentation caused by skin damage. Reduces wrinkles. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Firms and tones skin. Treats inflammatory and bacterial acne.

  • Face and Neck$150
  • Face$99
  • Chest$99
  • Hands$55
  • Vascular spot treatment$33-$99


HIFU 3D ULTRASOUND is the deepest no invasive skin treatment we offer which tightens and lifts sagging skin on a muscular level. Using ultrasound it lifts the deep muscle (SMAS) that surgeons pull back in a face lift. The prices are a fair indication however your Hifu specialist can explain the area of each zone which is treated for best results. For more info click  here. We now offer a HIFU Glow facial which can be a monthly facial including HIFU touch ups to keep your skin looking its best. 


Face                                                  $490                                                

Face and Neck                                $690

Hifu Glow                                        $190

Eyes (around eyes only)               $245

Neck and upper chest                   $490

Arms                                                $490

Legs  (Front)                                    $490

Legs  (Back )                                    $490

Back                                                 $490

Stomach                                          $490

Buttocks                                          $490

Bloomea Macrodermabrasion
Recommended For Stretch Marks, Face and Hands

A French awarded technology including a skin cleanse, macro-exfoliation using high frequency oscillations, micro vibrations with the Bloomea cream to increase the production of collagen and elastin to tighten and tone the skin. Whilst an active 633nm regenerative light works into the skin. Included is a shoulder and neck massage. (50 mins)

  • Hands$33
  • Face$109
  • Buttocks$99
  • Breasts$99
  • Belly$99
  • Hips$99
  • Legs$99

Skin Peel options:

For improvement of skin tone and texture. Steam and extractions are included if required. For acne skin extractions will be an add on, Light therapy is also used for extra collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation. Enjoy an aromatherapy shoulder massage included. Choose from.....

Cherry Berry Enzyme 20% (Amazing for skin brightening!) The facial which gives the biggest glow. We love the Cherry Berry facial for special events! Recommended for amazing glowing skin, photo-damaged, wrinkle prone and thickened skin. LED light therapy included.  For best results we recommend treatments 3-4 weeks apart. $120

Deep Sea Cosmedix Peel (Unbelievable Results!) A chemical free extremely effective green sea peel suited to reduce hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, pores and an uneven texture including light therapy. LED light therapy included. Expect peeling 3 days post peel. $160

Timeless Peel (Brilliant for mature skins) Our most advanced peel gentle enough for mature skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles including light therapy. $160


Ultraceuticals Mandelic or Lactic peel + Mask and sonophoresis Depending on your skin type and concern we will tailor your facial. If your skin needs hydration, plumpness and instant dewiness we will use the lactic peel. If your skin is more problematic will use the mandelic peel. Plus, we add corrective treatment serums $140

Ultraceuticals Refine and Hydrate facial Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Your skin will receive a hyaluronic b vitamin hydrating peel and a vitamin B hydration mask for instantly dewy skin proven to boost skin hydration by 380%. Sonophoresis and a shoulder and scalp massage are also included $165


Mini Elixir $70

A quick skin re-fresh/re hydrate pick me up for the super busy client. Including a cleanse, steam, tone, exfoliation, mask, face and head massage. (30 mins)

Hydro magnesium Jelly facial $119-$149

The most enjoyed facial. Very gentle with instant skin improvements. Especially on skin with a compromised barrier, sensitive and dehydrated. We mix up hydrating magnesium and potassium jelly masks with added vitamins to hydrate, renew and plump the skin. Also included is a RF LED face tightening serum infusion to treat your skin specifically.  There is the option to add on a light peel for $30

Radiance Elixir $115

A deluxe facial which is an upgrade from our Mini Elixir. The upgrade includes a hand massage, shoulder and neck massage, A.H.A skin renewal peel and extractions if required. (50 mins)

Elixir Deluxe $129

Enjoy the benefits of the Radiance Elixir with the added relaxation of a 20 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. The perfect piece of indulgence and skin rejuvenation and gift voucher!

Cool Lift Oxygen Facial $175

The Coolifting gun shoots on the facial tissues a powerful CO2 and vitamin flow at a very low temperature and a high pressure to take years off your appearance. The results are an immediate effect lifting and smoothing, eliminating superficial wrinkles and reducing deep wrinkles. It induces collagen and elastin formation and increases the tissues’ oxygenating. We have even seen improvements in broken capillaries.

Contouring facial $150

The contouring facial creates a tightening effect on the skin. Designed to treat fine lines, expression wrinkles and large pores. Using argireline to stimulate collagen production to increase skin firmness.

ALA 13%  with blue LED $130

Designed for acne skins and acne scars 5-Aminoleuvulunic Acid (ALA) works by shrinking the oil production glands and targets the p acne that lives on the skin's surface and cause acne break outs. For best results we use the LED light. Extractions are included if required.



Using hot and strip wax with care and support to the skin

  • Eye Brow Tidy$19
  • Lip$11
  • Chin$11
  • Chin and Neck$16
  • Sides of Face$16
  • Under Arm$16
  • Arms$26
  • Half Legs$26
  • Full Leg$49
  • Bikini Line$18
  • G- String$33
  • Brazilian$56
  • Chest$30
  • Back$30
IPL / SPL Adena Permanent Hair Reduction

Adena IPL/SPL delivers long term hair removal for all hair colours including blonde, red and grey. For accurate pricing consultation is recommended. Prices listed are purely for hair with brown pigment.

Area Single Package
Monobrow $15 $11
Top Lip $33 $24
Sides of Face $33 $24
Neck $33 $24
Full Face $66 $49
Underarm $33 $24
Nipples $15 $11
1/2 Arm $59 $44
3/4 Arm $99 $74
Chest $99 $74
Abdomen $59 $44
Shoulders $59 $44
1/2 Back $88 $66
Full Back $109 $81
G String $66 $49
Bikini $44 $33
Brazilian $88 $66
Buttocks $88 $66
1/2 leg $109 $81
Full Leg $199 $149

 BIO SCULPTURE GEL NAILS (Our nail tech is on maternity leave)

A healthy, immaculate 5 star rating no drilling, extensive array of gel colours lasting approximately three weeks for fingernails and eight weeks for toes

  • Gel Manicure$66
  • Gel Deluxe Pedicure$80

Instant dry Gelish, OPI and IBD Soak-Off Polish

  • Gelish Fingernails or Toenails$45
  • Gelish Polish (without pedicure)$45
  • Gelish Deluxe Pedicure$65
  • Gelish Gel Polish (with soak off)$50


Minx prescription spray tan (2hr-6hr available) depending on your desired shade $49

Please wear loose dark clothing, exfoliate well in your last shower before tanning and avoid applying moisturiser.


A luxurious and muscle relaxing aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Full Body (1hr) $88

Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders $44


You’re in good hands when it comes to eyelash tinting. We use a gentle tinting formula along with lavender infused wax to make the treatment as gentle as possible.

  • Eye Brow Tint$14
  • Eye Brow Wax & Tint $27
  • Eye Brow Wax & Tint & Eye Lash Tint$42
  • Eye Lash Lift and Tint$45
  • Brow Lamination$69


Dr. Sarah is a highly experienced, compassionate cosmetic Doctor with a gentle touch using quality injectables and fillers also offering lipodissolve.

Advanced bookings are essential. Packages and great value available for client savings