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Dr Sarah, Cosmetic Doctor
Kathryn, Elixir Skin Manager

For my existing clients - I want to thank you for your loyalty. I will do everything I can to ensure you get the optimal result as always.

To any new clients, I am a fully qualified medical doctor. My Interest was sparked for cosmetic medicine as I felt there was a need for a more subtle approach. 

My approach has always to make people look fresher and feel brighter. My conservative, natural approach to injectables complements my innate passion for people. 

I try to keep costs down to make treatment affordable and have a personal, tailor-made treatment plan for each individual client. 

Just to add to my busy lifestyle, I am also a proud wife and mother of 5 gorgeous (or sometimes not so gorgeous) children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. 

I thoroughly enjoy treating patients at Elixir Skin Clinic. The girls are so professional, warm and vibrant.           

The clients are lovely and it creates the perfect environment. I look forward to seeing you soon! Best Wishes, Dr Sarah x          














Twelve years in the health and beauty industry and I love my job and my team Elixir more and more… Our enthusiastic girls, loyal clients and our beautiful commercial heritage cottage make for the perfect environment. Health and skin are my passion! I’m in the most fitting career and nothing rewards me more than the many clients I bring happiness to.

I myself am from Tasmania. My approach is entirely different too many in my industry. I was driven into this industry by my troubled teenage acne skin, seeing eczema and dermatitis discomfort and realising my mum’s generation needed to be made feel youthful and learn to take care of their skin. The skin is the largest organ in our body and the vitamins and minerals arrive their last.

I believe the skin is to be treated internally and externally. A few routine tweaks and treatments can take off ten years! In our skin treatments whether it’s acne, pigmentation or anti aging treatments… we believe clients need to be pampered with massage and enjoy the therapy side. Your time is precious and valuable to us so will maximise results!

Yes we have our own skin care and foundation range. I have trained in Clarins, Emergin C, Md formulations, Dermologica, Peelactiv, Ultraceuticals, The beauty Chef, the Jojoba company, da Vinci 21 growth factors, Bloomea, Aspect Dr, Cosmedix and Revision to name a few. I have won awards in excellence and yearly I attend extra training and seminars. I am always learning and was driven to have bio chemists create our own line combining my knowledge and their science to deliver results and prescribe personally.

In my experience of previously running Elixir Skin Clinic inside Fernwood women’s health gym clients practically begged me to find a solution for their stubborn areas! I’m proud to say we have partnered with Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq and are removing fat cells that are gone for good. Bringing many more smiles and sculpted bodies back.

Your body and skin is unique so I invite you for a personal body or skin assessment and I shall truly tell you what’s possible. Thank you for reading.

Allow me to inspire your best skin, Kathryn (founder of Elixir Skin Clinic)

Arina, Dermal therapist
Nelly, Dermal therapist

Hi I’m Arina Bukovsky , I have Ukrainian background and can speak Russian, Ukrainian and English. I have been in the beauty industry for 8 years and absolutely loving it along with juggling my husband and two small children.

I trained at Australian Beauty Academy and have extended my skills at Elixir Skin Clinic.

I’m a qualified beauty therapist and bio sculpture nail tech. My passion is held in the beauty industry. I love helping our clients to look after their skin, nails and body.

I love to chat with my clients during nail treatments and relaxing them during face and body treatments resulting in results. I’d like to inspire mothers to find time for their health and well being amongst our busy life styles.

I have been a Beauty Therapist for over ten years. Customer service is very important to me.
I always aim to ensure that my clients are satisfied with their results and service. I love making people feel good about themselves, inside and out.

Skin is my passion. I have worked with many products over the years and believe good skin care, regular facials and treatments really make a difference. I believe that improving our personal appearance can help us to gain more confidence and thus positively impact our
lives. My job is to help my clients to achieve that goal.

I am aware that many people experience large amounts of stress in their daily lives. By taking time out to experience the range of treatments offered by Elixir Skin and Health Clinic you can relax and unwind, and you can be assured of a happy and friendly environment.

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