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HIFU 3D ULTRASOUND is the deepest no invasive skin treatment we offer which tightens and lifts sagging skin on a muscular level. Using ultrasound it lifts the deep muscle (SMAS) that surgeons pull back in a face lift. The prices are a fair indication however your Hifu specialist can explain the area of each zone which is treated for best results. For more info click here.


Face $490
Neck $490
Face and Neck $690
Eyes (around eyes only) $245
Neck and upper chest $490
Arms $490
Legs $490
Back $490
Stomach $490
Buttocks $490

Expert Treatment

CoolSculpting is performed at Elixir, and all our medical professionals are specially trained in performing this fat freezing procedure (experience counts!).
The Procedure

CoolSculpting treatments “freeze” your unwanted fat cells, which are then naturally processed by your liver and removed from the body. You will feel a very mild, cold discomfort for around 5 mins at the start of treatment. Suction applicator applies precisely controlled cooling to a problem.
Post Treatment

Walk in, walk out procedure where you can return to normal activities and regular exercise immediately after. Slight redness in the area & very mild discomfort for a few hours after the fat-freezing treatment.
The Results

Noticeable improvement with one treatment in the treated area. Results can be seen after 3 weeks, however final results are seen around 3 months post treatment.

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